Nikon CoolPix W300

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Summary: The W300 is one of the best-rated rugged, waterproof camera. It’s waterproof to 82 feet. When linked with a smartphone, it can even shoot 4K video and has WiFi for fast social media sharing. got Very Good rating for image stabilisation and a Good rating for stills, flash pictures, and video quality overall. 

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Detailed Test Results


The photos taken by this 16-megapixel waterproof and robust camera were of high quality. This model is excellent for outdoor photography, such as daylight landscapes, and acceptable for interior photography. 


When you are capturing closer objects, flash will work pretty well and illuminates most subjects that are close to the camera. But you will face some issues with things that are further away from the camera.


This camera has a 5x zoom lens, which gives it a little greater reach than a typical 3x zoom lens. The lens also offers a very wide-angle (24mm) capacity, which is great for landscapes and group pictures, however there is some distortion when photographing faces up close.


This is a crucial function since capturing hand-held photos at the telephoto end of the zoom range might cause images to blur or soften owing to small hand movement. When shooting telephoto in well-lit settings, this model performed an excellent job of reducing camera shaking. It worked admirably in low-light situations and nearly never generated grainy images.


The Nikon CoolPix W300 starts up fast in terms of performance. It offers an extremely short shot interval, which is useful when photographing fast-moving or unpredictable situations.


The Nikon CoolPix W300 produces excellent video. It can also record 4K-UHD video in 60p or 30i at 3840 x 2160. In terms of sound, it captures good stereo sounds.


Nikon’s Snapbridge software provides instant access to images stored on the camera and allows for automated transmission over Bluetooth. The app must first establish a Wi-Fi connection in order to manage the camera remotely, which might take some time. You can use the app to take photographs and alter the zoom. Beyond that, there are very few choices or settings, which is a shame because using the touchscreen to adjust the focus point or start video recording might be handy. You have the option of transferring 2mp or full-size pictures. If you transfer the full-size photos, the process will take significantly longer


The CoolPix W300 is a 16-megapixel camera with a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 24mm-120mm with a 5x optical zoom. It sports a 3-inch LCD display (921,000 pixels). This camera is waterproof and robust. The CoolPix W300 features 99MB of on-board storage and stores images and video on SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. It shoots pictures in JPEG format with a top resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels and UHD-4K video in MP4 format with a top resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a frame rate of up to 60p or 30%. This type, like other digital cameras, includes a proprietary rechargeable battery. The CoolPix W300 is 4.5 inches wide, 2.7 inches high, and 1.3 inches thick, and weighs 9 ounces (with battery, note pad, and other accessories).


Product Dimensions
‎2.9 x 11.5 x 6.6 cm; 231 Grams
‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Special Features
‎Bluetooth Specification Version 4.1
Standing screen display size
‎3 Inches
Optical Zoom
‎5 x
Optical Sensor Resolution
‎16 MP
Max Shutter Speed
‎1/4000 Seconds
Battery Cell Composition
‎Lithium Ion
Connector Type
‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Lens Type
Has Self Timer
Item Weight
‎231 g

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  1. I have this camera, it is a good one except one. I used it to capture high tide waves but after first to wave hits its lens would go foggy. It happened several times leaving me frustrated. I complained about it to Nikon after several emails they finally accepted that this camera fails to perform in high humid situations thats why it’s failed in the sea side for me. They claimed it is also mentioned in the manual too. Otherwise it is a good camera.

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